App Recommendations for Independent Truck Drivers

Smartphones have become integral to being a truck driver in modern times. Independent truck drivers are all the more reliant on smartphones to actually conduct business. A uShip survey of over 6,000 owner-operators showed that nearly 60 percent of independent drivers use smartphones more for daily business compared to the previous year. Nearly a third of independent truckers use smartphone apps for loading. About 20 percent no longer travel with a laptop because they have switched to using smartphones or tablets.


It’s quite obvious that smartphones are here to stay for truckers. Here is a list of the most useful trucker apps for independent owner-operators:




Co-developed by Bill Busbice and two colleagues, HWY Pro is a one-of-a-kind app for independent drivers. Truckers can use the app to organize loads and cut back on time wasted making phone calls to shippers, brokers, and dispatchers. HWY Pro offers users several features on a single platform. Truckers can use the app to book a load in less than 6 taps. The app allows users to organize tens of thousands of loads directly from their smartphones. It has a “smart route planning” feature that truckers can use to plan a haul with maximum time and fuel efficiency in mind.


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of HWY Pro is the availability of expert freight specialists. These specialists essentially act as a mode of outsourcing for independent drivers. The specialists can make sure that a load is available and arrives at a stop as planned. Truckers only have to show up on time and pick up the load. This literally takes a load off the back of truckers, who can use HWY Pro to enjoy more time for resting and driving.


Co-Pilot Live Truck


Truckers know the pain of finding roads that are legal to drive an 18-wheeler on. If you are in a new city, it’s not always easy to know which roads are safe to drive on. Co-Pilot Live Truck is an app that gives drivers reliable information of legal truck routes in a city. The routes are also categorized based on the size, weight, and load type of the vehicle. Drivers can even get access online. This app is great for avoiding weight-restricted and low-clearance roads.




Most independent truckers are already familiar with Skype, the free VoIP communications app. Skype is ubiquitous among workplaces and truckers can benefit immensely too. Skype allows free calls between account holders. Users can also call landlines and mobile numbers for very low costs. Even international calls are possible at surprisingly low rates. Truckers can use the app to communicate with colleagues, clients, and business partners. Skype also has a free video chat feature, so truckers can chat with friends and family back home when on the road for weeks.




Being an owner-operator on the road means struggling to find time to sleep. This is one of the best apps available for truckers who want to take power naps while on the road. Drivers can easily organize naps in a manner that doesn’t disrupt driving.


The above listed are truly worthwhile apps that truckers can use to improve driving as well as personal wellness.