Bill Busbice Investments

Bill’s investment philosophy is socially responsible investing leveraging his background to provide value across a wide range of different investments true to his roots as an entrepreneur.


Bill’s current investments include the following:


HWY Pro is a technology company who develops applications for the trucking sector that will change the method and efficiency in which freight is transported in the world of trucking.



Iconic Media One

Iconic Media One is a media company based out of Los Angeles, California, that focuses on family-oriented content and film production.



Ollawood Productions

Ollawood Productions is a company that focuses on film production primarily in the faith-based sector and looks to broaden the market for such content and films.

Cinema Vehicles

Cinema Vehicles is the largest supplier of customized vehicles, automotive fabrications and car rentals for the movie, television, and commercial industries in the country.



Hunter Farms

Hunter Farms, located in Olla, Louisiana, is a sustainable Timber Company with unique conservation values that enable it to supply high-quality pine on a national level.