How the 8-Hour Sleep Benefits Business

Not too long ago, entrepreneurs and businesspeople used to boast about surviving only on 4 to 5 hours of sleep each night. Sacrificing sleep to presumably spend more hours at work was considered a sign of being a good employee who works hard. Science has once more debunked a popular myth. Doctors now caution people about the lasting dangers of not sleeping at least 7 hours each night. It turns out that lack of sleep is not only devastating to personal health, but it has a shockingly negative effect on how successful and productive workers can be.


In the trucking sector, sleep is a topic that occasionally reemerges. It has long been known that truckers who don’t get enough sleep are at high risk of getting into accidents. One of the reasons Bill Busbice developed HWY Pro is to give truckers more time to rest. The app makes many processes less time to consume for owner-operators, thus allowing independent drivers to have extra hours spent as they wish. It’s becoming more evident that sleep is vital for people to be good at the jobs they do. Here are several reasons why sleep is important for truckers and business owners alike:


Poor Sleep Increases Stress, Which Reduces Productivity Levels


Poor sleep is linked to increased levels of stress. Researchers have found that employees who sleep poorly are nearly twice as likely to be less productive than normal. Sleep deprived people are usually more irritable, which doesn’t lead to pleasant workplaces. Entrepreneurs who are short on sleep may have trouble focusing, especially on tasks that require complex thinking. Tasks that require an active state of mind cannot be accomplished well in a sleep-deprived state. For example, even highly experienced truckers report making amateur mistakes when they drive after not getting enough sleep. Therefore, entrepreneurs and managers who value productivity should equally value sleep.


A Good Night’s Rest Improves Attention and Memory Retention


If you are perpetually unable to focus at work or concentrate on the important task at hand, then try sleeping more, say doctors and scientists. Sleeping the recommended amount of hours at night is linked to improved memory and concentration. Also, without a good night’s rest, people are less likely to effectively solve complex problems. As workplaces require all of these for employees to perform optimally, proper sleep has never been more critical.


Sleep Improves Responses to Negativity


According to a study conducted in 2014, people who didn’t get enough sleep during the previous night tend to be overwhelmed with negative thoughts the following day. And these bad thoughts kept on repeating. Entrepreneurs who stay up all night working can definitely attest to this finding. Negativity is anathema to effective problem-solving. Business owners, managers, and others in leadership positions should, therefore, sleep properly at night to handle conflict with a sound mind the following day.


As it turns out, morning people, that is to say, people who have slept well the previous night, end up more successful in school and work. Morning people get better grades and land better job prospects. If you sleep well, you are more likely to succeed at whatever you are doing.